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Clothing for Muslim women in France and Europe

High-quality modern clothing for Muslim women: hijab, abaya, turban for the right price. Fashionable fashion for veiled women. 
Ready-to-wear and 40% hand-made accessories


Sultana.R. of Paris produces an exquisite collection of clothing for Muslim women. 
Scarves, stylish hijabs, tunics, abayas, kimonos, modern turbans, and ready-to-wear suitable for active and discreet women, are only examples of modern veiled women’s clothing.

These Islamic clothes are intended for the new generation women who want to combine their taste for fashion while remaining discreet. Be pretty, chic and elegant wearing inexpensive, never seen and unique clothes for veiled women from our Sultana.R collection.
Far from those stark and dull outfits, the new items are in fashionable colours and made of refined fabrics such as crepe, Medina, satin or lace from Turkey or Korea.

Sultana.R offers collections for Muslim women at fair prices. Special occasion outfits such as modern abayas with rhinestones or long dresses and gowns combined with the corresponding modern hijab or turban.
We also offer traditional ready-to-wear systematically flanked by a matching hijab.
Sultana.R has created its first line of hijab and different styles of 60% hand-made modern turbans for different occasions: either casual or for dinner parties
Sultana.R provides you with modern, well-cut long dresses for Muslim women. 
Wide and ample pants and tunic, chic and trendy models while keeping the discreet and elegant look.

Sultana.R women are classy without doing too much. They have that natural class and discretion with great elegance. They can mix freely ultra-trendy clothes with easy-to-wear wardrobe. Be a Sultana with Sultana.R garments for Muslim women.
Live the passion with Sultana.R for fashion with respect for ISLAM. 
Sultana.R is a brand for Muslim women who follow trends while staying in tune with their discretion and religious convictions.